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Collection of bulky and green garden waste 2. 11. – 4. 11. 2016 (areas of the calendar marked green)

We are notifying the users of the municipal utility services in the areas of Aljaževa c., Grabče, Koroška c., Krnica, Mevkuž, Perniki, Podhom, Poljšica, Poljšiška c., Prisojna ul., Radovna, Razgledna c., Rečiška c., Sp. Gorje, Sp. Laze, Višelnica, Zatrnik, Zg Gorje, Zg. Laze that the collection of bulky and green garden waste will take place  from 2nd to 4th of November 2016.


If you decide to dispose of bulky waste or green garden waste during these times, please send us the coupon for waste collection for 2016 to our address or bring it to our company’s office by Friday, 28th of October 2016..


If you submit the coupon by this date, we will collect your waste. We will notify you about the time of collection by calling you on the number you listed in your order.


Thank you for your understanding!


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