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Most frequently asked questions

What do you need to do if you want to change the data regarding the payment for Municipal utility services?

All the changed data, important for the settlement of Municipal utility services (change of personal data, address, ownership, number of residents in the house), must be sent to us in a written form. Please attach copies of the corresponding documents. You can do it personally at the reception office at Rečiška 2 in Bled.


What changes which influence the monthly payment of Municipal utility services must be sent as soon as possible to Infrastruktura?

Important data are: changed personal data, changed number of residents at your address, changed addressee, who normally receives the invoice, changed bank account number or bank number, if the client pays by a standing order.


How can you change the address of the invoice recipient?

If you want to change the address of the invoice recipient (the actual recipient has died, you have bought or are renting the real estate, you have changed your house …), you must send us the application form for the change with your signature, an obligatory official document (it depends on the change: an extract from the land register, decree of distribution, purchase contract, tenancy agreement).


How can the number of registered persons in a household in a multi-dwelling building be changed?

If you want to change the number of residents in a multi-dwelling building, you must provide us with an extract of the household register that you can find in every administrative unit in Slovenia.


Where can you order a waste bin for the separate collection of waste?

You can order the waste bin (buy or rent) in the reception office. First we put a chip and an identification label on it. We have bins in stock for: residual waste, mixed packaging, biodegradable kitchen waste, paper and paper packaging, glass packaging …


How can you change the size or type of the waste bin?

Every bin has a chip and every change must be sent to the reception office. You can do it by telephone or you can come personally.


What can you do, if sometimes you have more residual waste?

In the case of periodical increased residual waste you can buy standardized bags with the logo of Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. You can put the bag near the waste bin on the collection day.


Where can you buy biodegradable bags for biodegradable kitchen waste?

You can get the biodegradable bags with your coupon free of charge in the reception office, or you can buy them without a coupon. You can also buy them in all shopping centres.


Where can you dispose of the waste, if you renovate your flat or house?

For bigger quantities of waste you can order from the reception office 7m3 bins for residual waste or for bulky waste (or smaller qualities of building material). You can rent the bin for more days. The service is calculated and paid in accordance with valid price lists. You can also bring the waste to the household waste recycling centre on your own.


What can I do to stop others disposing of their waste into my bin?

We recommend you to put your bin in the collection point near your house, where other people cannot reach it. In the reception office you can order a lock. The service is calculated and paid in accordance with valid price lists.


What shall you do if you find an illegal waste dump?

If you find an illegal waste dump in the natural environment, you must inform the municipal inspectorate.


How can you reduce the cost of waste management?

You may only dispose of waste into the bin for mixed waste that you cannot separate. The quantity of this waste will be reduced and at the same time the number of collections will be reduced; and the cost will be reduced.


Where can you get additional information about waste management?

Write to us at or call our reception office.


Who can you call if you need additional information about invoicing?

You can call our reception office or you can come personally. Information about payment you get by telephoning 578 05 10, and about graves and cemeteries on 578 05 33.


How can you submit your water meter reading?

There are some different options available. Users who use computers, we are recommended to submit the water meter reading on our web site, where you can find the form to fill in ( submit water meter reading), you can also call on 578 05 35 or send an e-mail on:


When should you submit your water meter reading monthly?

You should submit your water meter reading every month, when the water consumption changes or when you want to pay every month for the water you have consumed.


On which day should I submit the water meter reading?

You should submit the water meter reading on the last day of the month or on the 1st or 2nd day of the following month.


Why is it good to be subscribed to the E-Newsletter?

All information about the drinking water supply, waste management, maintenance of outdoor areas, road maintenance and winter services and cemetery services, is published by our company in its E-Newsletter. You can subscribe to the E-Newsletter on our website ( – Municipal service – Subscription to the E-Newsletter) and you will regularly get all the news we provide on our website. Most published alerts are: limited use of drinking water, closed use of water on the bigger area because of work or a defect in the water network, information about waste and bulky waste collection, news about waste management, different actions (for example bargain purchases of bins for mixed packaging and paper …).


What does the e-invoice instead of a paper invoice mean?

For users, it means a simple way of use. Instead of an invoice in an envelope, you receive your e-invoice directly into your web-bank. The payment order will be created automatically and the hand entry of data won’t be necessary.


Do I receive an e-invoice and a paper invoice?

No, if we send you an e-invoice, we stop sending you the paper invoice. The e-invoice is ecologically better, as it doesn’t require a paper form and it is environmentally friendly.


How can you subscribe to e-invoicing in your web-bank?

First you must ask at your bank, and if your bank offers the possibility of receiving e-invoices in your web-bank, then you can subscribe to e-invoicing at your web-bank.


How can you subscribe to pdf invoices?

On the website of Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. ( select E-komunala/Subscribe to e-invoice, enter your e-mail address, to which you want to receive the pdf invoice, you enter your data from the last invoice for municipal services (picture e-municipal service).


Can you order your e-invoice into the web-bank of other person?

Yes, you can. When you fill in the form to activate your e-invoice, you enter the bank account number on which you would like to receive your e-invoice. You confirm with your signature that you have redirected your invoices to the person who is owner of the bank account you filled out on the form. You redirected at the same time the responsibility for payment.


What must you do, when you have successfully registered and subscribed to the e-invoice or pdf invoice but in you can’t find our invoice in your web-bank or in your e-mail box?

In that case you must inform us on or call us on 578 05 12.


What must you do when you have changed your bank account or bank?

If you have changed your bank or your account-number has been changed you must inform us, if however, you are not able to receive our e-invoices because they have been rejected by the bank, a new subscription to e-invoicing is necessary.


What is the procedure of rejection of an e-invoice or the procedure of reclamation?

We accept all reclamations regarding the invoice if written on within eight days after the receipt of the invoice.


What is the difference between an e-invoice and a standing order?

You receive the e-invoice in your web-bank and you must pay it and the payment order has already been created; using the standing order method the invoice is paid by your bank from your bank account every 18th in the month for the past month.


Is the combination of pdf. invoice and standing order possible?

A combination of a pdf. invoice and a standing order is possible. If you pay the invoices for municipal services by a standing order, we can send you the pdf. invoice on your e-mail address and not a paper invoice. You must register on our website. In the web-bank you enter in the field of ''ID-reference'' the number of your last invoice. Where can you find this number?

  • the number on the invoice for services of Mobitel

  • the number on the jointed invoice

  • the number on the invoice for services of Telekom/SiOL

  • on Monitor (for clients of Mobitel services and with access with e-certificate or with personal password),

  • on portal Moj Telekom (for clients of fixed telephony and SIOL services),

  • personally in Telekom shops and its agents, which you can find here,

  • with the form Application for e-invoice for services and Application for the joined/separate invoice, when you would like to receive on your e-mail-address the joined invoice for all Telekom services (Mobitel services, SIOL services, fixed services)

  • companies shall first arrange in their bank the right to work with e-invoices and then you can receive the e-invoice.


    Yes, when e-invoice is activated, we don’t send you paper invoice anymore. If you would like to receive the paper invoice, you shall order it.


What about security?

E-invoices completely replace the paper invoices, as they are electronically signed with the qualified digital certificate of the issuer. The electronic signature assures the authenticity of the e-invoice.





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