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Water supply

The public drinking water supply system provides water to all domestic, business and industrial facilities in the municipalities of Bled and Gorje. The requirements of supplying drinking water include two social aspects:

  • natural requirements,

  • commercial requirements (water for the needs of production and hygiene).


Načrt vodovodnega sistema za občino Bled in Gorje iz leta 1912

Water system in municipality Bled and Gorje in year 1912


The criterion for governing and managing the drinking water supply includes the following fundamental requirements:

  • a sufficient amount of water for normal use at all times,

  • a sufficient amount of water for exceptional cases, such as during fires and natural disasters,

  • adequate water quality,

  • the reliable mechanical transport of water and adequate water pressure at the highest and furthest place of use.

    As part of the internal monitoring, chemical and microbiological analyses of the drinking water are carried out following a yearly plan.

    All municipal and state regulations must be followed to ensure the correct supply of drinking water. (More: Legislation)

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