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Connecting to the public water supply

Connecting to the public water supply is permitted only with a consent issued in accordance with the provisions of the ordinance for Bled municipality (Ordinance on the drinking water supply in the municipality of Bled, Official Journal of the RS, No. 16/09) and the Ordinance on the manner of conducting local utilities for the drinking water supply in the municipality of Gorje (Official newsletterof Slovenian municipalities, No. 18/12) and in accordance with the regulations that deal with the construction of buildings.


How to get a new a water connection?

You must fulfil all the conditions listed in the consent form and those from the company Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o.:

  • you must submit an order to connect your house,

  • submit proof of payment of your municipal utility services contribution,

  • supply a construction licence for the building.


For buildings built before 1967, you are not required to submit a construction licence, only an appropriate certificate.


Installation of the connection to the public water supply (installation, pressure testing and fitting of the meter), with the exception of land and the other work can only be carried out by a caretaker or a qualified contractor of such works with the consent of the caretaker.

The connection to the water supply is carried out at the expense of the user, as is the water meter installation to the existing connections.


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Application form for connecting to the public water supply:

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