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What's new in waste management

Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. is the contractor for the public service of collecting certain types of municipal waste. In the field of waste management, in accordance with the adopted Technical guidelines on the municipal waste management and the Annual programme of municipal waste management, there are a number of larger changes regarding the collection of waste that have been valid since May.


Obligatory container for mixed packaging for all households

In accordance with the Technical regulations on municipal waste management the obligatory use of a container for mixed packaging for all households is being introduced. The special offer of containers, which took place during May and June, was very well received among the residents of Bled and Gorje. All households that still do not have a container for mixed packaging are required to get one as soon as possible (the transitional period will last until the end of the year), the same goes for all contractual users. It is also possible to rent a container, the monthly cost of this being €0.85.


Those users who will not have rented or bought a container for mixed packaging during the transitional period will automatically have to rent a suitable container.


In view of the data on the amount or volume of collected mixed packaging in the past, the following sizes of containers for mixed packaging are recommended:

• 120L container for households with 1–3 members,

• 240L container for households with 4–6 members.


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