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Subscribe to e-invoicing

E-invoicing is increasingly being used as a way of invoicing in modern banking. It is free, easy to use and eco-friendly. Also the company Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. offers the possibility of e-invoicing, which means that users of e-mails can decide to receive an invoice as a pdf. file at their e-mail-address and not in a paper form, and users of web-banking can receive it directly to their web-bank.


E-invoices replace the invoices in the paper form; they are e-signed with the qualified digital signature of the issuer. The electronic signature assures the authenticity of the information on the e-invoice.


Subscription to e-invoicing at your web-bank

Instead of the classic receipt of invoices for sewerage and waste disposal services rendered by the company Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. you can replace them with e-invoices; you should only subscribe to e-invoicing at your web-bank.


Enter the data of the invoice issuer: 

  • Company name: Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o.

  • VAT number: 87091712

  • ID reference of the issuer: 13-digit reference number of your last received invoice for sewerage and waste disposal services, which is on the right hand section of your invoice (marked yellow in the diagram below)



    Subscription to the e-invoice in a pdf form

    If you don’t have web-banking or if your bank doesn’t offer the possibility to receive e-invoices and you want to be eco-friendly and receive an e-invoice, you can receive your invoice in a pdf form on your e-mail address. In this case, we ask you to send us your e-mail-address and the 13-digit reference number of the last invoice received for the sewerage and waste disposal services. You can find the number on the right hand section of the invoice (yellow in the diagram below) through the form below.


    Advantages of e-invoicing: environmentally friendly and convenient to the user

  • The subscription to e-invoicing directly to your web-bank.

  • You receive your e-invoice directly to your web-bank.

  • The payment is less complicated, the payment order is created automatically and this saves you time and reduces the mistakes associated with entry by hand.

  • Users who pay through direct debit SEPA, can select the invoice in the pdf form and not the paper form. You can receive the pdf invoice in your e-mail box.

  • It offers you the simple task of reading the e-invoices received and checking their status in your web -bank.

  • It is ecologically oriented, as there is no need for paper invoices and it is environmentally friendly.


    Thank you very much for your subscription to e-invoicing.


    In case of any problems you can contact us at: or call us: 04/578 0512 and 04/578 0535.


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