Skoči na glavno vsebino

Green garden waste


Items that can be put in the container for green garden waste:

  • cut tree branches,

  • shrubbery trimmings,

  • hedge trimmings,

  • grass cuttings,

  • fallen leaves,

  • flowers and old soil of pot plants.


Items that CANNOT BE PUT in the container for green garden waste:

  • biodegradable kitchen waste,

  • soil and stones,

  • textiles,

  • animal faeces,

  • ashes, construction waste.

Green garden waste should not be stored under the overhanging roof, trees or on places where special vehicles cannot reach it. It should not be kept or disposed of in plastic bags. We pay special attention to possible foreign objects (especially to hazardous waste) present in the green garden waste, because they can destroy a whole lot of compost.

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