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Biodegradable kitchen waste for residents 

Biodegradable waste should never be disposed of in plastic bags, but only in biodegradable bags that can be disposed of together with the waste. For food waste we use paper towels, and we can dispose of paper towels and food waste together in the brown container. Food waste in paper towels in the container decomposes slowly, and generates less unpleasant odours. And in winter it doesn’t freeze to the container so easily.



Separated collection of biodegradable kitchen waste is compulsory for all householders. You can decide from one of the following three options:

1. composting in the compost box at home (see more on the link: Composting),

2. separated collection and delivery in brown standard containers (10 l) and/or in biodegradable bags,

3. separated collection in single containers.


zabojnik bioloski gospodnijski odpadki

                      Standard container for biodegradable household waste (10 L)


Separated collection and delivery in brown standard containers (10 l) and/or in biodegradable bags

Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. will supply, free of charge, every single household that doesn’t compost its biodegradable kitchen waste, on the basis of a coupon, a brown container for collecting biodegradable waste (10 l) and 50 biodegradable bags. The household will collect its biodegradable waste separately, and then dispose of it into the brown containers with the appropriate label, which will be located:

  • at “eco-islands”,
  • near multi-household dwellings with at least 4 apartments.

Individual waste disposal is possible only by agreement.


Every household will take its brown container (10 l) and 50 biodegradable bags with the coupon. By taking the container and bags, a household automatically commits itself to collect its biodegradable kitchen waste in the system of separated waste collection, as operated by the public service contractor.


You can take your 50 biodegradable bags for 2014 with the coupon to the reception office of the company during business hours.


                                            Coupons for biodegradable bags



The collection of biodegradable kitchen waste at eco-islands takes places every week; after being emptied, the containers are washed and disinfected. New eco-island locations will be added to the existing locations, which will simplify the disposal of separated waste collection, and the eco-island will be in close proximity to you. The new locations of eco-islands will be published on our web site. 


Multi-household dwelling

In accordance with the annual Program of municipal waste management, the collection of biodegradable kitchen waste will be compulsory for all users in multi-household dwellings. They must put the containers for separated waste collection close to their houses. The collection takes place in the same way as at the eco-islands. Containers for biodegradable waste can be hired or bought by the user. If they are hired, the monthly rental is the same as for other containers. Containers will be washed after emptying, and won’t be charged.


If there are more householders in the dwelling (e.g. 2 families), and they have one invoice for municipal utility services, an additional container can be taken against payment (10 L) of 5.00 EUR +VAT. The user will be charged for the additional container on the monthly invoice for municipal utility services.


Containers and bags can be collected at the reception office of Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. during the following business hours:

  • Monday from 8 am to 3 pm
  • Wednesday from 7 am to 12 and 1 pm to 5 pm
  • Friday from 8 am to 1 pm



Separated collection in single containers (by request, door to door)

The periodic collection of biodegradable kitchen waste by single users is possible for an additional charge. The collection takes place once per week, and the user rents a container from the public services contractor. The user is charged for the costs of collection on his/her monthly invoice for municipal utility services, and pays for the rental, washing and collection of the container, which for a 120 L container amounts to 12.42 EUR +VAT monthly.


If your household selects the periodic collection of biodegradable kitchen waste once per week, we will ask you to fill in the order form. You can get a copy at our reception office at the company headquarters, or on the link bellow:


Order form for the periodic collection of biodegradable kitchen waste once per week (residents)


Useful advice for collection of your biodegradable kitchen waste

  • You cannot dispose of biodegradable kitchen waste in plastic bags. You must dispose of it in special biodegradable or paper bags.
  • Wet waste can be wrapped up in paper, and in this way you avoid fast decomposition in the container and the generating of unpleasant odours. In winter it won’t freeze so easily.
  • Edible oil, fat and cigarettes ends do not belong in the container for biodegradable kitchen waste.


Additional information

You can get additional information by emailing ..., or by calling our telephone number, which is 04/578 05 35.


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