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Waste management

Every resident, every person who works or functions in the municipality, must take part in the waste management system.


Who has to be included in the regular collection of waste?

Every resident, user or caretaker of a residential, business and industrial building (every legal or physical entity), who creates waste in the municipality by permanently, temporarily or occasionally living in their own or rented property (including holiday homes), carries out business activities, manages public areas or organises events.


What is the process of waste collection?

Every producer of waste is obligated to buy or hire the suitable standard waste containers in which they will dispose of their waste. Containers can be purchased from our company, Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o., or elsewhere, as long as they are of standard type, have wheels, and a volume of 120, 240, 770 or 1100 litres. Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. allocates a chip and label to the container. The user, together with Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o., decides upon a collection point (where the containers are placed) and a collection point (where the aforementioned company will remove waste on collection days). Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o. collects waste following a certain schedule in accordance with the yearly collection plan (Collection calendar for various types of waste). 


Replacing worn out/damaged waste containers

The person who owns and uses the waste container is responsible for replacing it. Furthermore, they are responsible for fixing any damages. If the person who uses the waste container is renting it, the cost of replacing the old container is covered by Infrastruktura Bled d.o.o., although only in the event that the container was not damaged by the person who uses it.


Waste management billing

All owners, users or caretakers of residential, business and industrial facilities in the municipality of Bled and Gorje who create waste are obligated to pay for the collection, treatment and dumping of waste, irrespective of their permanent or temporary residency or address. The monthly cost of waste management is determined in the Decision on the costs of municipal waste management (Official newsletter of Slovenian municipalities, for Bled municipality No. 18/2014, for Gorje municipality No. 19/2014)


Waste management handbook



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