Skoči na glavno vsebino

Glass packaging


Items that can be put in the container for glass:

  • food jars, drinks bottles, cosmetics bottles,

  • glass jars in which food was preserved,

  • other glass packaging.


Items that CANNOT BE PUT in the container for glass:

  • window glass, windscreen glass and other flat glass,

  • mirrors, crystal glass and screen glass,

  • glass from lights (neon lights, halogen lights and light bulbs, glass lamp shades),

  • plexiglass, carbonic acid glass and other types of glass from man-made materials,

  • laboratory glassware and other flame-proof glass, stones etc.),

  • ceramics, china.


Glass can be 100 per cent recycled and re-used and its quality does not decrease. By recycling only 1 bottle, we save enough energy for power a 100 W bulb for four hours, 1 t waste glass replaces ca. 1.2 t raw material. For the production of 1 new glass, 140 L of oil is needed.

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