Skoči na glavno vsebino

Paper, paper packaging and cardboard packaging

 Items that can be put in the waste paper container:

  • cardboard, cardboard packaging and pasteboard,

  • wrapping paper and paper shopping bags,

  • newspaper, magazines, notebooks, books,

  • brochures, catalogues,

  • envelopes, office paper.


Items that CANNOT BE PUT in the waste paper container:

  • tetra packs e.g. milk, juice cartons,

  • packaging which you cannot clean of all food residues (e.g. paper trays, single use glasses and cups),

  • plastic packaging of deep-frozen foods,

  • NCR paper, waxed or resin-coated paper,

  • cellophane,

  • wallpaper,

  • sanitary paper (paper towels, napkins, tissues).


Waste paper is simple to recycle and re-use. If 1 kg of paper is recycled, 17 trees are saved. The basic raw material for the production of paper is cellulose that is extracted from wood. Some kinds of paper can be recycled even up to seven times.

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