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Zero Waste

Zero waste week always takes place the week beginning the first Monday in September, In 2015 that’s from 7-13th September.


Why should I bother?


That’s a good question! The old excuse asks ‘How can the effort of one person or a few make a difference?’ We live in modern times where the internet can achieve incredible communication over a short period of time. A small piece of news can ‘go viral’ overnight! Your small contribution is now part of vast community of people who are taking responsibility for their actions to reduce waste. You are NOT ALONE. Your actions, along with your friends and online contributors are gaining strength and momentum, every day, every month, every year. Be part of the change you want to see …


zero waste week


Government, local authorities and campaign groups like us are doing what they can to open doors to make it easier to reduce landfill waste. None of this work is effective without YOU. It’s the people, one by one, who take action that collectively creates a sea-change in society.


source: Zero Waste Week

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