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Mixed municipal waste

Mixed municipal waste are items that remain after sorting separately collected waste, bulky waste and hazardous waste.




Items that can be put in the container for mixed municipal waste:

  • plastic-coated paper, cellophane,
  • contaminated packaging that can’t be cleaned,
  • dirty food paper and plastic packaging,
  • small quantities of polystyrene and fatty foil,
  • nappies and hygienic pads,
  • textile, leather, used shoes, tailor waste,
  • vacuum cleaner bags, adhesive tape, biro,
  • cat toilet sand,
  • cassettes, films, pictures,
  • rubber products, cork,
  • porcelain, lamps,
  • cigarette butts, swiped waste,
  • plastic products (ski boots, toys ...).


Items that cannot be put in the container for mixed municipal waste

Items that are collected separately:

  • paper,
  • packaging,
  • hazardous and bulky waste,
  • green garden waste,
  • biodegradable kitchen waste,
  • construction waste, special waste and stone,
  • warm cigarette butts and ashes,
  • liquid waste,..


Separate collection of waste means there will be always sufficient space in containers for mixed waste. You can dispose of all the others separately collected waste at collecting point within working hours at Rečiška cesta 2 in Bled.

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